Our durable medical equipment company covers patients with Medicare Part B!  We are here to help for all your DME supply needs while specializing in medical braces, diabetic supplies, and catheters. Medicare patients are eligible to get their supplies at a discount. We go the extra mile of assisting patients in finding an in network doctor if they need the additional assistance. Once you have a prescribing doctor to order your supplies, we will send out the supplies and bill Medicare and any supplemental plans without having to bill a patient directly. 

If items ordered are not listed as medically necessary to the insurance, Medicare may need additional proof from your doctor based on the condition. In the event the insurance denies the claim we offer the patient the discounted cost with a payment plan, or the option to return the product within the 30 days.

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Discounted Durable Medical Equipment

No need to visit a durable medical equipment store and pay for your equipment! 

Most patients are unaware they are eligible for discounted  DME equipment. We want to assist you in receiving the equipment you deserve! We have the tools and resources to verify your eligibility, but the best way to determine what you are eligible for is to speak with your physician and insurance company. If you have a doctor that is recommending the products to you the next question is to have the office staff, contact your insurance to determine your eligibility. If you need additional assistance in locating a doctor or contacting the insurance, we will go the extra mile and assist you in this process.

DME Diabetes

Need Immediate Medicare DME Attention?

Let us help you receive the coverage you deserve!

We will help you throughout the process from beginning to end. We service Medicare Part B patients and can assist in determining your eligibility and products you are looking for to receive. We can send a request to your doctor immediately and also help you find a doctor. Why wait to receive something you need when you can get Medicare DME coverage today! Typically, the products are shipped within 3-5 business days and we provide patients the tracking information for updates. We pride ourselves in being a top Medicare DME provider so call our hotline today and let us help you!

DME - Catheters

Looking For Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers & Providers Near You? We ship to your door!

Fast delivery is what you can expect from us being one of the top Medicare DME suppliers!  

We service 44 states and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service team. Most products requested take 3-5 business days from the day they are ordered. Patients that have email access can track their package with the tracking number provided that will include all updated in the case there is a delay. We have access to thousands of products, and we cover the cost for the delivery. Contact us today to verify how we can assist you with your DME needs.

Durable Medical Equipment Companies Can Help You In Many Ways

Our company has a wide range of products and based on your DME needs we can assist in ordering the products you need to manage your life. DME products can assist you in getting around comfortably, assisting you with a medical condition for long term and short-term cases. Our care specialists can go over the products available and assist a patient in receiving the assistance they deserve!

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Durable Medical equipment assists you in everyday activities and has a variety of items used for long term or short-term use. Some include medical braces, walkers, wheelchairs, diabetic supplies, catheters and more! Most insurance companies will cover these products if they are medically necessary and if it was not paid for previously within a certain time frame.

If you have Medicare or a Medicare Advantage Plan, the types of covered equipment should be the same. However, the amount you pay for DME with Medicare and with a Medicare Advantage Plan is often different. Some examples of DME include wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, power scooters, portable oxygen equipment, orthotics, prosthetics, and certain diabetes supplies, among others. Medicare also covers certain prescription medications and supplies that you use with your DME, even if they are disposable or can only be used once. For example, Medicare covers medications used with nebulizers. Medicare also covers lancets and test strips used with diabetes self-testing equipment.

Most items not covered by the insurance are those that are not deemed medically necessary that may include modifications to your home. Examples of this are stairway elevators, grab bars, toilet seats, and some disable supplies. Some supplies also not covered may not fall medically necessary with your diagnosis and the physician may need to provide more information in this case.

If you have the original Medicare insurance plan there is a 20% coinsurance for the DME. If it is a Medicare Advantage plan the costs can differ per the plan. Depending on the insurance we can offer financial hardship for patients to assist with the additional cost.

After contacting us, we will need your doctor to send us the prescription for the order. Once received, it may take 3-5 business days for free shipping. After you receive the products you will receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance company as confirmation that it was billed. If you have any questions regarding the claim you can contact us.

We work hard to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Please contact us within 7 business days if you have concerns with your product. All customers have 30 days of your purchase, any sealed, unopened products you have purchased may be returned to us for a full refund, exchange, or credit. 

Due to the nature of the medical equipment, returns of opened items, any used, dirty, or broken returns of products cannot be accepted. 

  • Return shipping is at the expense of the customer.
  • Please do not return any product until you have contacted us and have been given explicit return instructions by email.
  • There will be a $17 charge for any shipment for a return label, or a different delivery address is requested after shipment. If the customer enters an incorrect shipping address, and the package is delivered to that incorrect address, it is the customer’s responsibility to retrieve that package at their own cost. 
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to report problems/issues with any product IMMEDIATELY, so we can find the most expeditious solution. Please report that to us within 7 days of receipt of your order. 
  • The customer may incur expedited shipping fees in cases where issues are not reported immediately, and replacements need to be sent out.

Please call our Customer Service Department for further assistance at TEL: 561-571-6219. 

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